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Lysel Katz' art blog
Recent Entries 
26th-Feb-2010 10:52 pm(no subject)
Hello ^^

I won't update this LJ anymore but I won't close it.

Please see my portfolio from now.

thank you ^^
11th-Sep-2009 05:59 pm - - Pili fanart : multipost
No update for sooo long here ...
multi fanart post :

Another Pili fanart (Taiwanese Puppet TV show), it's a totally fandom one.
I drew it after reading a fanfic ... so it's a totally out of character piece.

不像莫召奴的圖圖... 是看了vishnu的同人文後, 動了靈感畫得 >_< ;;;

慕少艾是我最愛的角色 (.....之一, 其他兩位是劍子仙跡和蝴蝶君)

The doctor 慕少艾, my favorite character with 劍子仙跡 and 蝴蝶君.

In Chinese legends, Spider lilies are the flowers "from The Other Shore". The only flowers growing beyond the land of the living.

6th-Apr-2008 10:23 pm - Pili fanart 002 : 丹楓血月

公孫月, 第2張完成的布布畫, 也是投稿2008霹靂插畫王用的

My second complete Pili fanart, also for 2008 illustration contest.

6th-Apr-2008 10:09 pm - Pili fanart 001 : 玉階飛
第一張完成的布布畫, 投稿2008霹靂插畫王用的
如玉如竹的玉階飛...為何我愛的角色都會死!! T_T

My first complete Pili fanart, for 2008 illustration contest.

I'm in Pili-obssession again.

It's a Taiwanese puppet TV show, I used to watch it when i was a child ...
More informations on the official website ;)

6th-Nov-2007 03:23 pm - sketchy gift
sketchy gift for my friend Kiri ^^
It's an original character of hers, Arsenic

Clic to see the full picture ;)
23rd-Apr-2007 01:27 am - pencil sketch
A pencil sketch for my friend Cycy, after her BJD character Kallista ^^

26th-Feb-2007 08:34 pm - BJD jewelry - parure pour BJD

I've posted pictures of my jewelry creations for dolls on lyselkatz_box 

J'ai poste mes photos de parures pour BJD sur lyselkatz_box 

more here, here and there
25th-Feb-2007 11:28 am - (very) old stuff
Here's a old pic, for Unrequited Love challenge on hp_fringeart .
Sorry if you have seen it already on my old website.

16th-Feb-2007 04:43 pm - commissioned art
This is a piece commissioned by avari20, for her fanfic "Future Parents Program" here.

Characters :Hermione, Draco and her OC baby girl.

16th-Feb-2007 12:57 am(no subject)
Same job, but a different collection
Meme boulot, pour une collection differente

16th-Feb-2007 12:54 am - Fashion illustration
Some stuff i did for my latest job.
Des silhouettes que j'ai faites pour mon dernier boulot

16th-Feb-2007 12:30 am - New community
I've decided to put all my non-graphical stuff elsewhere, so here's my new community :

Lysel KATZ' sewing box

feel free to friend me ;)

thank you !!

Thanks orpheelin for the cute pic of me ^^
16th-Feb-2007 12:22 am - belated wishes
Hum .. no update for months ..
so, my belated wished to everyone (it's chinese new year this week end, so, i'm no so late)

Last sunday, Lynn,[info]sambreand[info]orpheelinwere at home for dinner, they had load of fun with the plushies ..
Here are some pictures (And they havent drank alcohol yet !!!) .. I have no responsibility in these !!!!

23rd-Nov-2006 04:30 am - 2 fashion sketches

18th-Nov-2006 01:32 am - Manhamanha !!
Hey !

 See what I've done for my boyfriend for our anniversary, I've made him a muppet fan  :)

16th-Nov-2006 06:02 am - random oldies ..
random sketches from months ago ..

14th-Nov-2006 11:59 am - old sketches : Sirius & Luna

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